Sunday, October 4, 2009

Recurrent Midnight Dream

There is no end to the imagery
found in marble walls.

Last night
I rode a marble horse
through a marvelous

moonlit dream.
When it stopped to drink
from a silver stream

you were there.
How that came to be
I'll never know...

Yet every time we meet
by that meandering
silver stream

we ride through wind blown
canyons in a recurrent
midnight dream.

c. Douglas Fireman


  1. Gorgeous horse! Great poem too. I can just see the imagery through your words. :)

  2. Hi Sharon.

    I found that image at the Cultural Center
    located in Chicago, Illinois. It's a favorite
    of mine and I'm glad that it pleases you as well. Thanks mucho for your comment.

    Hi Possum Patty.
    I appreciate your visits
    and your comments.