Monday, October 5, 2009

A Silent Friend

It isn't everyone
who has a silent friend
a friend

who doesn't say a word
but just listens.
When I found him

in the bark of that old tree
I knew that we would be
the best of pals.

Lately I've had the need
to share my grief with him.
Sounds crazy, but must

a caring, listening, friend
be Real to heal
a broken heart?

c. Douglas Fireman

My friend is wearing a hat,
a camouflage jacket,
orange pants, and black shoes.


  1. I see him! Very touching poem too. Sometimes a silent friend is the best kind. :)

    I really enjoy this blog. I guess that makes me a pareidoliac.

    Thanks for your visit to my blog and the poem. I love it! Been a long time since I inspired a poem. You made me smile too. :)

  2. Hi Sharon. Congrats.
    A discerning eye
    and ability to see
    outside the box makes
    you a pareidoliac.
    That you like my blog
    and my poem
    pleases me

    Tammy-thanks for your visit.
    Some of your altered photos
    have very much impressed me.
    Keep up the good work.
    "Let the beauty of what you love,
    be what you do."

  3. Thank you Doug for showing me how to see with a more discerning eye. I see the silent friend on the tree. Your blog is fascinating. I've become a pareiodoliac.

  4. Hip Hip! Another pareidoliac.
    Yes, It is truly amazing
    what the conventional eye
    does not see. Hope to see you
    again soon.