Sunday, November 15, 2009

Floral Symphony

Gramps had eyes that could see
two ants mating in a peony. He could see
long lost cities

beneath the bark of a dead tree,
a tick landing on a rhino’s back.
Why heck, he even found a needle

in a haystack. Just yesterday,
as I watched him in the garden,
I saw him start to shake.

His eyes looked wider than a china plate.
He cupped his hands and yelled aloud,
“Billy! Ever seen a cricket

conduct a floral symphony?
C’mon,” he whispered;
"Let's tune into Big Red.

Down we went on hands and knees.
I couldn't believe my eyes.
A cricket, dressed in tails,

as anyone could see,
was conducting a floral symphony.
And if you don’t believe me,

take another look.

c. Douglas Fireman


  1. This is marvelous---it took me on a magic journey---thank you for posting such delightful creativeity...........winna

  2. Nicely captured and beautiful words! ^^

  3. Colors and poem are awesome. Interesting as always. Good work.

  4. REally great. I love the poem and the picture and both together. What a story of a poem.

  5. This delightful poem made me smile today. I do see the cricket conducting a floral symphony. Thank you for sharing this beautiful story and image.

    All the best,

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  7. Hi winna. Thanks for taking a fancy
    to my poem and pic.

    Alex, so pleased that you stopped by.
    Vielen dank.

    Phyllis. You're a peach.

    Ramona. So nice of you to show up
    at the concert. A special Hallelujah
    to you.

    Hi freebird. Glad you had a smooth
    flight in. So thankful for your
    presence and your comment.

    Adine. Your lovely comment pleased
    me to the max. Glad I put another
    smile on your face. Peace